Michael Lanigan

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Michael is one of the partners in Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan Solicitors, having merged his practice with Poe Kiely Hogan Solicitors in 2009. Since qualifying as a solicitor in 1986 Michael has earned a reputation for being a fearless and well-respected criminal defence solicitor.


Michael has worked in the area of criminal defence and litigation and has for the past 29 years been one of the most popular and recognisable criminal law practitioners in the Southeast region.

Michael has a reputation as a tough and fearless advocate on behalf of his clients. Michael is vastly experienced District Court advocate and is regarded by clients and fellow professionals alike as having outstanding ability and sound judgment.


In the period prior to the setting up of the Redress Board, Michael was engaged in the negotiations on behalf of victims groups with the Attorney General’s Office in relation to the scheme being set up.  Michael was appointed by the Sean Ryan Commission, during this period, to represent the interests of the former inmates of St.Joseph’s Residential School in Kilkenny.  He also represented a key witness at the Bloody Sunday Tribunal in London.


Michael Lanigan, BCL, graduated from University College Dublin in 1983.