Helping to protect your land and your livelihood

We provide specialist legal advice on the following areas:

  • Farm sales, purchases, amalgamation and sub-division
  • Farm Leases
  • Registration of title to land
  • Wills & succession planning
  • Marital breakdown and the farm
  • Farm Partnerships, incorporation of Farm Companies and other farming structures
  • Tax issues
  • Compulsory Purchase / Acquisition Orders.
  • Dispute resolution
  • Farm finance issues/Mortgages
  • Farm payments/Grants
  • Employment law
  • Public liability, employers liability and occupiers liability issues and personal injury on the Farm
  • Planning and Environmental Law

A career in agriculture can be rewarding yet at the same time demanding especially given the number of day to day tasks which must be carried out.  In addition, the great many commercial and legal considerations that must be attended to in order to run a successful agricultural business can be a challenge.

In keeping with the South East region’s strong tradition in farming, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan has established a longstanding reputation in providing legal services to the farming community.  We have worked with farmers, land owners and agricultural businesses from across the region, advising on a range of legal matters such as property and land law, dispute handling, health and safety, succession planning and employment related issues. Incorporation of farm companies, partnership law, arbitration, taxation and such concepts heretofore associated with the commercial world have become increasingly relevant in the business of agricultural.

Drawing on our team’s broad legal expertise combined with our unique understanding of farming and commercial issues, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan is keenly positioned to deliver comprehensive legal advice to members of the farming and agricultural sector.

Change processes in the family farm business can be fraught with the same complexity that exists in any family business, but with some added twists that are specific to farming.  Succession is one of the most important issues for any farm family and this can be a particularly difficult issue to broach or discuss. We facilitate farm family succession planning meetings in a sensitive and pragmatic manner.

Farming is experiencing huge change currently. Collaborative farming, long leasing, farm companies and other farming structures are now becoming commonplace. The Basic Payment Scheme is a further significant change. We have experience in helping you through the procedures involved.

At all times we will work towards a commercially-sound legal outcome that ensures that our client’s livelihood is protected.